Keren Wolf

Keren Wolf is an Israeli based jewelry and accessories designer who works mainly internationally and is creating unique couture pieces and high fashion jewelry.

As a former renowned Israeli actress, Keren Wolf owes her distinguished sense of style to her theater days. Her “Ready To Wear” collection includes a wide range of intricate statement headpieces, hand pieces, jewelry, and accessories.

She is committed to uncompromised craftsmanship while continually evolving and staying forever relevant. Each piece carries its own handcrafted signature. The outcome is a unique storytelling in Keren’s language.

Her new creative collection – The Lips Jewelries – was recently presented on Kylie Jenner at “V” Magazine in London. Lips Motif as a Fashion Icon symbolizes passion and femininity.

The Collection consists exclusive pieces done by hand with extreme attention to details.

This powerful concept created a new trend and is now desired by celebs worldwide.

As part of the Israeli Fashion Week, Keren recently presented a unique art installation “Big Mouth” -  where she presented her collection on models soaked in bathtubs. Her art installation is making an inspiring connection between art and fashion, using bathtubs as a key element that symbolizes purity and innocence. This unique and innovative art show generated a lot of publicity and exposure and got amazing reviews in the media.

Keren’s distinctive designs and quality of workmanship have made her a favorite of stylists and celebrities, and her work is regularly featured in local publications and international leading magazines such as Elle, L’official, Vogue Japan, Vogue Italy, Bazaar, and more. Keren’s jewelry has been worn by celebrated women around the world such as Super Models Bar Refaeli and Gal Gadot, singer & songwriter Keren Ann, Vanessa Paradis, Clair Dance, and many others.

For her originality and vision, she has been named one of the 5 most influential women in Israeli fashion.

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