Eos Bandeaux

Eos Bandeaux

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Ideal for brides or bridesmaids, our signature beaded bandeaux are the go- to for a dainty Boho - inspired detail to your hair style. The beaded bandeaux will frame your face, draw light to your facial features, enhancing your total look. The elastic on the back allows for easy adjusting, and the chain for hair styling. Easy to work with and can be worn around the crown of the head, or on the forehead.

*Tip: Gather your hair and wrap around the chain or elastic on the back. Works with loose natural waves or an up-do. 


  • Polished nickel free brass, 
  • Swarovski, gold-filled chain
  • An elastic bandeaux 

Plating: 14k Gold or Silver Polished, nickel- free brass

Length: 14cm | Width: 15cm


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